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Sometimes I accidentally receive email intended for other people. 

I try to be helpful. 

(Meanwhile I haven’t replied to like the last six emails from actual family members. I’m the worst.) 


Jules replied to thank me for pointing out her error. She regrets to inform me that they already have an officiant: 

Then while attempting to send the wedding weekend accommodations email to the correct Ed she sent the original email to me again. 

I’m still trying to help: 

I haven’t heard from Jules since Friday so I suspect this is the end of our correspondence, but I’ll keep everyone posted. 

UPDATE! Pete and Jules’s big day is almost here! 


It seemed like the right thing to do for all the joy they’ve brought us. 

Oh my god oh my god oh my god! 

Pete and Jules sent me a thank you note! 

Complete with a very nice note: 

Aren’t they just the best? I should probably send them a thank you note to say thank you for the thank you note, shouldn’t I? 

Of course I should. 

God I fucking love the internet.

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